Medical Astrology

You may have an idea about astrology and will surprise to learn that 12 houses in your natal chart depicts your different body parts. It is a useful tool to predict a possible disease or even the failure of any important part of the body in future. Long term diseases like Sugar, BP etc can also be seen with the help of astrology. We at ReshammAstro called this branch of astrology as ‘Medical astrology’. It focuses on understanding and interpreting the relationship between the celestial bodies and human health. It suggests that the positions and movements of the planets, as well as other astrological factors, can influence an individual's physical well-being and predisposition to certain medical conditions. In medical astrology, the birth chart, also known as the natal chart, is used as a primary tool for analysis. It is a snapshot of the positions of the planets at the exact time and location of an individual's birth. The birth chart provides insights into various aspects of a person's life, including health indicators. 6 th House (box in lower left side of the chart) suggest the diseases whereas 8 th house (box on lower right side) suggest the long term diseases. 12 th house (upper right side box) indicate hospitalisation when afflicted for any reason. Among 9 planets, Rahu & Ketu are well known for creating chaos in diagnosis and choosing/effect of right medicine, Saturn is indicator of long term diseases. Jupiter, the most auspicious planet considered among all can also give diseases related to liver, ear, fat etc. The astrologer may analyze specific planetary placements, aspects, and houses in the birth chart to determine potential health strengths and weaknesses. Certain zodiac signs are associated with different parts of the body, and their placement in the chart can indicate vulnerability or strength in those areas. For example, Aries is associated with the head, Taurus with the throat and neck, and Gemini with the respiratory system. If there are challenging aspects or afflicted planets in these areas of the chart, it may suggest a higher susceptibility to conditions related to those body parts. Additionally, transits and progressions, which represent the ongoing movements of the planets in relation to the birth chart, are taken into consideration. These movements can indicate periods of potential health issues or improvement. In its practice, ReshammAstro has predicted the period of illness, nature of diseases and remedial measures through Mantras, Chakra balancing etc in parallel to the medical treatment taken by its client locally in India as well as overseas.


Reshamm Astro caution the readers that medical astrology should only use as guide for possible illness and not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. It is considered an alternative approach. If you have health concerns, it is always recommended to consult with a qualified medical professional.

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